Lands and economic development

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is helping Indigenous communities get the most from their economic development potential by investing in community readiness, entrepreneurs and businesses, land management, and strategic partnerships. ISC is also removing legislative barriers to ensure large-scale projects on reserve promoted by First Nations can proceed.

These are the key elements of the Government's approach to Indigenous economic development to achieve:

ISC is responding to calls to reduce administrative burden and program duplication by:

As a result, there are now 5 main lands and economic development programs:

This streamlined suite of programs is designed to increase the participation of Indigenous communities in the Canadian economy and enable Indigenous people to pursue new opportunities for employment, income, and wealth creation. In particular, the integration of land management with economic development will help ISC provide broader support as Indigenous communities build their economic base.

Funding for these programs has not been changed; rather, the funds of combined programs have been added together within the new programs.

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