Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital

The Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program (AEP) provides access to capital and business opportunities to Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada.

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About the program

This program promotes entrepreneurship and seeks to increase the number of viable Indigenous-owned businesses. The program has 2 streams: access to capital and business opportunities.

Access to capital

The Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program – Access to Capital stream provides annual, ongoing funding to Indigenous entrepreneurs through the network of Indigenous Financial Institutions (IFIs) and Métis Capital Corporations (MCCs). The AEP provides support to Indigenous small and medium-sized businesses with a non-repayable equity contribution and businesses services to start, expand or acquire a business. The AEP also provides funding to lenders to cover the costs of borrowing and operations to support their lending activities. This program is devolved and is administered by the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA) via IFIs and MCCs across Canada, and enhances access to capital for First Nations, Inuit and Métis businesses in Canada.

To find out more about IFIs, visit National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association - Indigenous Financial Institutions.

The amount of funding available for a business proposal depends on its scope, demonstrated need and its estimated budget. Individual Indigenous entrepreneurs may receive up to $99,999 in funding assistance and eligible Indigenous community businesses may receive up to $250,000.

Who can apply

Eligible recipients include:

Funding can be accessed through Indigenous Financial Institutions and Métis Capital Corporations across Canada. Eligibility varies between IFIs and MCCs. Consult with your local IFI or MCCs to see if you are eligible.


There is no deadline to apply.

How to apply

To apply for funding, please contact your local IFI or MCC directly.

Contact us

For any inquiry, please contact  NACCA or your local MCC:

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